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29 stress free tips for people moving from Singapore

Moving to a new place and getting adjusted to the new environment causes complete inconvenience. International relocation services in Singapore will help you to have a smooth move without any hassles. Here are 29 tips for people moving from Singapore.

  1. Fix the right date for moving: Choose the appropriate date of moving in agreement with the international relocation companies.
  2. No commitments on moving day: To experience a hassle-free moving do not fix any other appointments or commitments on a moving day.
  3. Prepare a checklist: We have tendencies to forget things while nearing the moving date. A checklist is the best solution to avoid any complications during or after moving.
  4. Notice to the owner or landlord: If you are staying in a rented or leased house, check your agreement on when to give notice for vacating the house.
  5. Settle your bills: Bill settlement is a must before you move. Make a list of utility bills and other bills to be paid before vacating.
  6. Choose the best relocation services: Get a minimum of 4 quotes from various international relocation services in Singapore and choose the best one that suits your needs.
  7. Declutter: Declutter avoids unnecessary things to be carried to your new house.
  8. Sell things and make money: You can make money by selling the items that are not required to fit into your new house.
  9. Make charitable contributions: You can give unnecessary things that are in good condition to charity.
  10. Pack yourself: Packing yourself for the things that have the cartons saves a penny.
  11. Labeling the boxes: Label the boxes that fit into each room with some identity.
  12. Color code the boxes: Coloring the boxes helps to Unbox without any hassle.
  13. Permission of vehicle movement in your premises: Seek special permission from your apartment or condominium management during your moving.
  14. Documents for Newhouse: Ensure you have collected the necessary documents required for your new house and are in agreement.
  15. Follow safety guidelines of each electronic: Check if there are special instructions for each electronic item and follow it before packing.
  16. Necessities in the new house: Make sure mandatory needs like water, electricity is readily available on your arrival at your new home.
  17. Placement of things in your new house: Plan and organize the things that need to be placed with the help of a floor map and write on it.
  18. Unbox everything soon after moving: It’s a better choice to Unbox soon after you move, else you will forget it as the time flies.
  19. Buy boxes, cartons, and tape: A convenience store or supermarket will provide you free cartons or boxes- you can reduce this cost with the movers.
  20. Choose the right wrapping materials: Different items require different materials for wrapping that avoid any damages to the things.
  21. Start packing from your storeroom: The storeroom has things that are unboxed which reduces the packing time.
  22. Compact packing: Packing the things without any space will avoid damage.
  23. Smart Packing: Pack the suits and dresses with hangers inside a bigger garbage cover mark it to avoid confusion.
  24. Wrap fragile items with care: Fragile items need to be wrapped with clothes and should be placed separately.
  25. Keep valuable things safely: Pack all the valuable things yourself and carry it if necessary.
  26. Claim Insurance with the relocation company on any accidental damage or theft.
  27. Keep a photograph of electronic products to avoid confusion while fixing.
  28. Organize kitchen items and pack them for easy Unboxing.
  29. Secure packing of dismantled goods: Pack each part of the items in proper cover while dismantling.

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