Abroad Relocation

What can you do to make your move go smoothly?

Here’s a handy checklist we provide to our clients to ensure the moving process is smooth and trouble-free:

  1. Call us for a pre-move survey and cost estimation.
  2. Plan your move based on the volume surveyed and the time required to move.
  3. Ensure your goods are packed carefully with good quality packaging.
  4. Ask the surveyor & salesperson questions, so you understand the shipping process.
  5. Notify our salesperson if you have a specific delivery date.
  6. Compare quotes/proposals to ensure you are getting the best service.
  7. Sign and send the acceptance to us with a packing date. Our customer service will follow up to reconfirmpacking dates and shipping arrangements.
  8. Gather any information/documents required for clearance at destination.
  9. Prepare yourself for packing day!
  10. Confirm departure dates/times with your condo or apartment management.
  11. Keep your valuables in separate bags safely; don’t include them in the shipment.
  12. Abroad Relocation will provide you with the destination partner’s contact details and vessel arrival information.
  13. Be aware of customs requirements in the destination country and provide necessary documents for customs clearance before the vessel arrival date.
  14. Confirm your delivery address and availability before the customs clearance.
  15. Please check your shipment once it’s unpacked and confirm the condition of all items.
  16. In case of damage, file an online insurance claim for any damages, within 45 days from the date of delivery.
  17. Please do not discard any damaged items without the insurance company’s confirmation.
  18. Claim settlements are typically completedwithin a month.

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