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Moving to India | Moving to India from Singapore

If you are  planning to move India, Abroad Relocation can help you. We are a top-notch international moving company in Singapore which can ship your belongings to India safely and efficiently. Need help with your move? We provide a full range of moving services to all states in India from Singapore and vice versa 



Moving to India

Movers and Packers In India | International Movers To India

Abroad Relocation have their own local network of reliable movers in India, to make your international move comfortable and hassle-free. Your shipment is handled by experienced professionals in all the major cities of India.

Singapore has a large Indian expat community, including many who eventually choose to settle back in India for retirement or their children’s education. We serve all regions of India with our highly experienced team of movers.

Choosing the right moving company for your shipment to India is an important decision. India’s customs regulations and requirements vary depending on the port. Play it safe with Abroad Relocation our moving consultants have a broad knowledge of the Transfer Residence regulations across India. The packing, handling and shipping of your family’s possessions require professionals that you can rely on when relocating to India. Some moving company quotes can be vague or incomplete. Abroad Relocation are committed to providing the best door-to-door service without hidden charges.

List of important documents to be prepared prior to your move to India from Singapore

  1. Passport and Visa Documents
  2. Original residence permit  for foreigners
  3. Employment letter or Transfer letter
  4. Complete Packing List
  5. Appropriate Authority letters
  6. In case of vehicles shipping- requires Import licence, Insurance policy, Certificate of Title, Duty exemption certificate, Original manufacturer’s invoice etc.
  7. In case of pets  relocation -requires Vaccination record, Veterinary health certificate


Moving to India? International Home Removals to India

If you have any questions about what is required and what isn’t, clients are welcome to contact our experienced team of movers. We’ll be happy to help clarify any international moving and custom related enquiries.We are an accredited Moving Company that is licensed and fully competent in all relocation needs.

Whenever you are moving to Delhi or Mumbai , irrespective of the place and distance we can help you properly pack and ship your possessions. We offer a variety of shipment options that are tailored to your situation. Some of our shipment options include the following.

    • Air freight

    • LCL (Less than Container) shipments

    • FCL (Full Container) shipments

    • Groupage/shared shipping

Options Available for Shipping to India

With our international moving service from Singapore to India, you will receive the best shipping modes tailored to your needs. We offer various shipping types: car shipping, overseas container, global freight and more. Our moving service also offer warehouse storage, if you require it before or after your goods are shipped.please contact our consultants to explore storage options and rates .We’re a Singapore-based moving company that provides homeowners and businesses alike with the assistance they need for their global relocation.

We offer several shipment modes to every part of India, including Air freight, FCL (Full Container) shipments, LCL (Less than Container) shipments, and Groupage/shared shipping.

We offer a range of transit insurance options and provide peace of mind for our clients with the knowledge that their belongings are safe. When we get confirmation that your goods have arrived in India, we’ll receive them at the docks, get them cleared by customs & deliver it to your doorsteps.

What do you include in your Singapore to India shipping?

Our service has been personalised for customers of all shapes and sizes. We have learnt that no two international moves are the same, which is why we emphasize on custom moving services to meet individual budgets and requirements. we make sure to tailor our services to suit your needs, that is one of the reasons why we’re well-known internationally.

The services we offer in our shipping from Singapore to India include:

  • An entire team of movers will be on hand to help plan and execute the moving process. There will always be a coordinator at-hand to guide you through the entire process.

  • We use only approved packing materials.

  • Collection and loading of your goods onto a shipping container to India

  • Whether you need customs to clear your items or to get them delivered, we can provide a smooth process and answer all of your questions.

  • Terminal fees, shipping fees and marine insurance

Get start your move with us by simply requesting a free move quote. Our expert movers will prepare a free move quote just right for your unique needs.Request a quote online or ask our experts near you if relocating is the best solution for you and your family.


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