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The United States has become a top relocation destination among many locals, and it never fails to impress the large expat community in Singapore. From the year-round sunshine of California to the icebound winters of Alaska, the USA has it all.

Whether you are moving to America to fulfil your work commitments or sending your kids for education, the process of moving from Singapore (or any other country) to the USA is not that easy.  It’s not just the move you’ll need to prepare for. You’ll need to settle and finalise many things in the USA before moving. So what can you do to make your next international move easier?

Moving From Singapore To USA

Once you decide to move from Singapore to the USA, you are recommended to speak to us about moving your personal effects and household goods. Air and sea shipping options are available for international moves to the US. Considering sea freight over air freight can help you reduce the expense of an international move significantly if cost is your main worry and you do not face any time constraints.

Now, let’s look at the facts you need to consider while moving to the USA.

Immigration & Visa Formalities

The visa application process starts with selecting the visa category (immigrant or non-immigrant), preparing the necessary documents, filling the application form, and submitting the non-refundable fees. At last, you have to be present at the interview with a US consulate. Here are the documents you need for the US visa application:

  • Marriage certificate
  • Birth certificate
  • Passport-size photographs
  • Three years tax return files
  • Last six months bank statements
  • Academic records

Once you have compiled the necessary documents, you can apply for an immigrant or non-immigrant visa. Fill the DS-160 or DS-260 visa application form and book an appointment with the US embassy or consulate. Then, pay the application fees and visit the embassy with the documents. Learn more about the US immigration and citizenship requirements before planning relocation.

Essential Facts to Consider While Moving To USA

You have to select the right time for a move and a place where you can stay. Consider the cost of a living, neighbourhood, the employment rate in the area, and other factors when deciding the best place for accommodation. Also, look for a place close to your office so you can save on your daily commute.

Relocation to the USA is not a cakewalk, especially if you move with your family and kids. Instead, you need to search for the best schools, tuition fees, cost of transportation, and other expenses before getting a visa. For more details, click here.

Applying for a Social Security Number

A Social Security number (SSN) is a 9-digit numerical identifier that the  US government assigns to all U.S. citizens and other residents. The Social Security Administration issues it. The purpose of the SSN is to keep tabs on the payments, entitlements, and contributions by US residents. This number has become a mandatory requirement for the residents – applying for a job, getting admission to a school, opening a bank account, getting insurance, and more in America.

You can apply for a social security number 10 days following your arrival in America. Submit the SSN documents with your application to the local social security office. It may take a couple of weeks (probably 1-2 weeks) to view and verify your application. Once the SSN application is approved, you will receive a copy of the number soon in your email. For more details, you can visit Social Security Administration Department.

Shipping Household Goods to the USA

Moving your personal effects and household items to a new country is tedious. You must fulfil the custom-duty requirements to ensure the safe delivery of your goods to the country you intend to move.

Remember that household appliances and less than a year-old items will be subject to taxes. Prepare a list of the things that fall into this category, with a brief description showing where you purchased them and the manufacture and expiry date.

You need the expertise of a Singapore to USA relocation company to ensure a hassle-free move of your personal effects and used household items to a new country. Our professional team at abroad relocation offers tailor-made moving services, no matter where you move.  A reliable and resourceful team at Abroad Relocation provides safe packaging, storage, and transportation of your personal and commercial belongings to just about any state of America. Our team stays up to date with US Customs and Border Protection to ensure that you don’t pack anything that can get you in trouble in the US.

Shipping goods to America is much more than transporting your valuables to a new location. Therefore, it’s essential to fulfil the documentation to prevent any penalties. Besides, the procedures for transporting household goods, inherited goods, commercial belongings, vehicles, and other items are different. Some things are subject to taxes, while others can be transported without legal issues.

Our experience and efficiency in the international removal service make it easier to streamline your international moving process.

Moving Your Pets to America

It’s allowed to bring pets to America, as long as they are not infectious or do not have any disease that could be transmitted to another animal or a human. The laws for transporting cats and dogs to America are pretty strict.

Relocating your pet to the USA doesn’t have to be complicated. Nowadays, many moving companies provide safe & reliable pet relocation services in and out of Singapore.

The Items Prohibited in America

Do not transport any prohibited item to America, as it may get seized by customs officials. Besides, you will be subject to a penalty for transporting anything illegal to the states. It is actionable to transport prohibited items including narcotics, harmful drugs, pornographic content to the states. Lottery tickets and other hazardous items are strictly prohibited. Similarly, explosives and any corrosive substances should be avoided. Any trademarked items and biological stuff must not be transported to America, in addition to the things mentioned above. Visit US Customs and Border Protection for more information on prohibited and restricted items to the USA.

Our specialized moving services from Singapore to the USA provide a broad spectrum of resources to manage all aspects of transportation of used household goods, commercial items, and personal valuables. In addition, we attend to all the rules & regulations associated with home/office removals to the USA, so you don’t have to worry about penalties, delays in shipment, and other complexities.

How can we help you with your International Household Removal?

Once you get your US visa, you are all set to plan your move to the US. For a hassle-free relocation from Singapore to America, hire an experienced international relocation company like Abroad Relocation. We will help you get your household items shipped to California, Texas, New York, and nearly any state.

We provide the best solution for door-to-door removal service to the USA and cover all locations in America. We handle your valuable with utmost care and attentiveness, irrespective of the shipment size. We offer customised services that suit your requirements. Our team take pride in providing a reliable and seamless moving experience to each individual.

So, if you need a removal specialist from Singapore to America, Abroad Relocations is the right place to call! So, get in touch with us to learn more.


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