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With a coastline stretching for over 34,000 kilometres, Australia is home to some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you enjoy the warm sun and sand, this is the right place where you’d want to move!

There are a lot of people from over 100 nations that have migrated to Australia, making it one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world. With its charming neighbourhoods and towns, many people from Singapore have relocated to Australia and made it their permanent home.

International moving and relocating is a difficult process, and we realise how stressful it may be to relocate overseas. We ensure that your international moving goes as smoothly as possible. We are a global moving business committed to offering high-quality relocation services. We make moving easier and if you’re moving to Australia you’re at the right place! Here’s what you could expect when you consider relocating:

Moving from Singapore to Australia

So, what is it about Australia that makes it so appealing to Singaporeans?

Of course, there is the fortunate chance of geography! The relocation also brings in a chance to switch from the Singaporean hurry to a more leisurely pace without losing access to many of the services most people rely on – and enjoy – here in Singapore. Many Singaporeans have made Australia their home, and there are several reasons to follow in their footsteps: moderate temperature, magnificent cities, rural locations, and friendly natives.

Naturally, the cost of living will be a major consideration in deciding where to reside in Australia. For example; life in Melbourne is more affordable than in Singapore, the average rent in Melbourne is approximately 30 percent cheaper than in Singapore. For more information on cost differences in different states of Australia click here.

Immigration & Visa formalities

With the correct visa in hand, you can make your immigration legal and hassle-free. Whether you are relocating to Australia to study or to work, be sure you have applied for the appropriate type of visa.

Given that there are over 50 different types of working and skilled visas that you could apply to, determining which one applies to you for your transfer might be time-consuming. To assist you with your emigration you could research more from, Australia’s Department of Home Affairs. You may also be eligible for citizenship if you emigrate and have stayed in Australia for four years without leaving the nation for more than a year during that time.

Immigrants who wish to travel to Australia and work must first get a work visa. The work permit issued may change depending on the length of stay and the purpose of the stay. Student visas allow students to work up to twenty hours per week during academic terms and as much as they can during semester vacations. Family members of immigrant students who have joined them can also work up to 20 hours per week. Having clarity about the specific visa type that is applicable to you, will help you plan your relocation ahead accordingly.

What costs should you be aware of?

It is good to have a prior understanding of the costs that may mount up on your bills later. The major cost associated with relocating to Australia may include visa applications, airfare charges, packaging, relocation charges, and here are a few that you may want to consider:

  • Temporary housing: If you want to look for a new family home after you are in Australia, you will require some type of temporary housing when you first arrive.
  • Insurance: When relocating to Australia, you may need to purchase a variety of insurance policies, including removals insurance, international health insurance, and travel insurance.
  • Storage: If you are not permanently relocating to Australia and choose to keep part of your home possessions in Singapore, you may want to arrange and pay for short or long-term storage space.

Shipping household goods to Australia

You could ship your home goods to Australia however, the accompanying customs rules will be a significant part of the process while you’re relocating to Australia. Only a few people are eligible to bring unaccompanied personal effects (which are exempt from taxes and duties) into Australia. You must verify that you have the proper documentation for the safe shipment and customs clearance of your household products. Visit Australian Customs Forms & Guides for Moving Overseas for additional information on shipping home items to Australia.

The Department of Agriculture (DOA) inspects all home items that enter the Australian borders. This inspection must be performed at official, DOA-approved facilities and can cause your shipment to be delayed by up to 14 working days after it arrives in Australia. We encourage all of our clients who are shipping home items to Australia to bear in mind the 14-day obligatory quarantine time for the cargo after it arrives in Australia.

All inbound cargo is notified beforehand to the Australian Customs Service prior to its arrival. The arrival of maritime freight must be notified to Australia Customs Service at least 48 hours before it reaches any Australian port, and the arrival of air freight must be reported at least two hours before the cargo arrives. Failure to notify goods arrivals may result in penalties imposed by the Australian Customs Service. For more information on Australian Customs Services click here.

How can we help you move?

We make shipping household goods to Australia simple, efficient, and affordable. How?

We provide the greatest solution for door-to-door service to Australia. We cover all locations in Australia. We handle your packages with the utmost care and respect, whether it is a full container or extra baggage transportation.

Our shipping partner also has their own bonded facility for customs scrutiny, which allows us to cut wait times and pass the savings on to you!

So, if you need a moving specialist from Singapore to Australia, Abroad Relocations is the right place to call! Get in touch with us today to learn more get a quotation, click here to learn more.

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