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How to estimate the weight of your goods for Shipping?

Like most people, you’ve probably wondering  how much all of your stuff weighs and how to determine the right shipping cost.

If you are planning an overseas move, you must consider carefully what to ship and what not to. Weight of your shipping items substantially influence your shipping cost. Weighing each of the items in your home prior to the move  and determine the shipping cost accordingly is a time consuming and challenging process. It often result in errors if you are not a moving professional. 

We would like to recommend two methods to come up with a rough quote  ahead of a moving process.

Use an Online moving calculator to determine the shipping Cost:

There are many online moving calculators are available  for determining the estimated weight of your shipping items, their quantity, and the cost of your move. These calculators will normally require you to input basic details like how many boxes of items you are moving or  how many bedrooms are in your home, list of  items you are moving etc… Online calculators are a quick way to estimate your moving cost and providing useful information pertaining to your move. But it is important to keep in mind that they are just estimate and your actual cost and weight may vary.

Request a Free Moving Quote from a Professional Moving Service Provider :

One of the most accurate ways of estimating the weight of your belongings is to contact a reliable moving or shipping company for a quote. They conduct a pre-move survey of your items you are intended to move or ship and provide you with an estimate. The professional move consultants will prepare a quote as per your unique requirements and requests.They also recommend you the best mode of transport for your belongings , provide you with various cost – effective shipping options, guide you throughout the moving process and much more. You can request a free moving quote from various moving companies and check around what are the moving services and options are available.

In conclusion you can start your move planning by using an online moving calculator for a general estimate. For the most precise weight – cost estimates, contact a professional moving company or shipping company directly.They have the professional knowledge and resources to provide an accurate moving quote.

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